Mind and Judgment: Workshop on New Waves in Taiwan》(4/25

臺大傳統與科學形上學研究中心致力推廣跨越學術傳統的形上學討論。於《Mind and Judgment: Workshop on New Waves in Taiwan》,六位本地新進的優秀學者將就「心智與判斷」相關主題,分享他們最新的研究,並由其他專家進行評論。六位講者的研究進路分別為分析哲學、佛教哲學、德國哲學與科學哲學,可望為相關主題帶來具啟發性的跨傳統對話。


The NTU Center for Traditional and Scientific Metaphysics (TSM) promotes inter-traditional research in metaphysics-related topics. In the coming workshop on 4/25, “Mind and Judgment: Workshop on New Waves in Taiwan”, we have invited 6 recently employed, competent scholars to share their latest research. Their approaches include analytic philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, German philosophy, and the philosophy of science. We have also invited other local experts to offer commentaries. We expect stimulating and productive dialogues surrounding mind and judgment.

For more info, please see the poster and the schedule (議程如下).