National Taiwan University Philosophical Review (ISSN 1015-8995) has started in 1971, intermitted during 1974-1981, and resumed in 1981. The journal has become a bi-annual journal from 2004 (No. 27) to the present. It is indexed in The Philosopher’s Index since 1972, Taiwan Humanities Citation Index since 2000, and chosen as one of THCI (Taiwan Humanities Citation Index) Core since 2008.

National Taiwan University Philosophical Review is managed by an independent editorial board and except the period from 1982 (No.5) to 1995 (No. 18), it welcomes contributions from all authors. Presently, all research articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by at least two anonymous referees. Recently, the journal has made an effort to enlarge its electronic publication by presenting the list of contents of all the past issues on our homepage. Also, both our homepage and NationalTaiwanUniversity Journal Database provide electronic files of all the articles since 2004 (No 27). In 2010 we have signed with the National Central Library of Taiwan to index this journal in the system of Index to Taiwan Periodical Literature System. In the same year, we have also signed with Hyweb Digital Publication Operation Platform and AiRiTi Incorporation to enhance the online service of this journal through their database systems. These are our efforts to make this journal accessible to not only domestic but also international readers.